ROOF CLEANING
Preparation for pressure washing Roof:
•  Roof inspection for problems you may be unaware of, before cleaning started. If we find any damaged or broken tile, we will
address the issue.
 Using safety equipment to protect our crew and your property.
 Chemical-free cleaning with no harmful side-effects to you, your pet or plantations.
Because the roof tile cleaning is performed by adjustable pressure and water temperature, most of the time there is no need  
for chemicals to be used during the process. This process physically removes dirt, soil, moss,
Gloeocapsa magma and other
grime from the tile surface while remaining safe for your home and environment. In addition, we may use in some types of
cleaning solvents which are safe, harmless and environmental friendly approved by EPA.
 Our knowledgeable employees are familiar with all type of roof surface, using appropriate temperature and pressure        
withoutdamaging/ harm/ crack or break roof tiles. You can be assured that Cleanco employees using the proper techniques and
procedures to clean roof. Dramatic  results (shown in our sample photos) can last for many years.
 Cleaning a roof can create quite a mess. As part of our service we will always wash down hard surfaces, walkways, driveways,
and siding that is soiled caused by the roof cleaning. We also wash down exterior of windows that were dirtied by the roof       
cleaning. Power washing your roof will extend its life, and prevent any health hazards from the accumulation of fungus or
Additionally, a moss and fungus covered roof will absorb more heat and therefore increase your utility bills.
 The recommended frequency to clean your roof depends on the location of your home. In  the northern states roofs can go
longer between cleanings but wherever they are exposed to high temperatures and humidity year round, they need to be  
cleaned every four to five years, others could go for over 10 years.
NOTE: We wash down your driveway, walkways and other surfaces that are soiled due to roof cleaning.
Walk Ways, Side Walks, Parking Facilities, Parking Structures Wash Down, Carports & Parking Areas,
Decks and docks, Poolside and Patios and more

We offer two types of service:
1- Full service
                       2- Partial Service (Spot cleaning)


Preparation and pressure washing floors:
Step 1: We PRE WASH OR SOAK SURFACES TO BE CLEANED: Applying water and appropriate non toxic, degradable
environmental friendly approved by EPA detergent where and when if needed, using metered or direct application
prior pressure washing.
Step 2: HIGH PRESSURE WASHING: USING SURFACE CLEANER, adjustable pressure to surfaces up to 4000 PSI,
and temperature up to steam, to uniformly clean the whole surface area.
Step 3: HIGH PRESSURE WASHING: USING WAND AND VARIABLE ATTACHMENTS, adjustable pressure to surface up to
4000 PSI and temperature up to steam to remove remaining, gums, oil and other spills, stains, soils, and rinse the whole area.
Step 4: Collecting run-off waste water where and when needed.


Preparation and pressure washing floors:
Step 1: We PRE WASH OR SOAK SURFACES (spots) TO BE CLEANED: Applying water and appropriate non toxic,
degradable environmental friendly approved by EPA detergent where and when if needed, using metered or
direct application prior pressure washing.
to surface up to 4000 PSI” and temperature adjustable up to steam to clean and remove; gums, oil and other spills,
stains, soils from those spots and rinse them.
                                              Step 3: Collecting run-off waste water where and when needed.                                                                
                                                                                 VERTICAL SURFACE CLEANING
                                                                                 Walls: Stucco, Brick, Masonry, Wood, Aluminum, and more

Pressure washing can clean and works on almost any surface; masonry, stucco, bricks concrete, stones, wood, vinyl, aluminum
siding and more.
We use adjustable pressure and water temperature to surface type; and variety of attachments to remove mold, stain, debris,
cobweb and dirt from surface. Depending on height and accessibility to area subject of cleaning; telescopic poles, scissors lift,
telescopic boom lift may be needed.
                                                                          Preparing your home for pressure washing
 Close all windows and doors tightly to prevent any water from entering the building, which could cause interior water damage.
We  strongly recommend have attendance inside the building to watch for any water leak inside. We always take precautionary
steps to avoid any water interring inside buildings.
 Move window covers, like curtains and such away from windows and doors.
 Keep electronics away from windows or cover them.
 Have all vehicles temporarily removed from the surrounding area of the building before or during cleaning,  before the cleaning
 Move away or cover all items from vicinity of the building and walkways or sidewalk like; furniture, Plants, pots, toys, etc.
 Insure that any security alarm systems are turned off during the cleaning process. Some alarm systems may be set off due to
the water vibration or may be triggered by movement.
 Deactivate sprinklers from watering lawns, while the cleaning process is ongoing.
                                    NOTE: We are not responsible for any damages caused by water leak inside building.
Our expertise can offer variety of services including but not limited to:
Residential - commercial - Industrial Buildings - Manufactured homes,
Mobile homes, RV's and Mobile Fleets pressure washing

* Business Centers, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Condominiums,
Apartment Complexes, Schools, Warehouses, a
fter Construction Cleaning
Post Construction and Equipments,
Store Front, Gas Stations, Service Stations,
Trash Dumpers Area, and more*

* Earth Moving and Agricultural Equipments, Mobile Homes
* All Types of Light to Heavy Duty Trucks, Trailers, Cement Trucks
Buses, Passenger Cars
* Boat Decks

We remove:
* Oil and other spill, Stain, Grease, Mildew, Algae, Gum
* Dirt, Tar, Graffiti, Cobweb
* Stucco, Old Paint, ETC
What Do we do with the Waste Water after the Wash?
Cleanco is on the cutting edge of environmental procedures. We are constantly
bettering our BMPs (Best Management Practices) and keep our cleanings in
compliance with EPA regulations, depending on demographic of the property.
We are constantly challenging our washing to be keep up with our methods for
the best to service the needs of consumers, communities, employees and  
Do our Crew need to plug Into your electricity for energy?
Our Mobile Service Vehicles (MSVs) do not need any electricity,      
they are 100% self-contained with power. We have studied the Flow  
of Energy and we believe that to service our customers with the   
least amount of hassle, we must provide our own power.